As people who desire to grow in treasuring Christ supremely, we seek to saturate our lives and our services with God’s Word.

As you read ask the following questions to enhance your delight in God and His work:

1. Who is God/what is He like in this passage?

2. What did God do/has He done in this passage?

3. What are people like in this passage? Who does the passage say we are?

4. How did people act and respond? What should we do in light of this passage?

Fletcher Family Reading Plan for 2018:

Proverbs 1-31
Watch Video
1-2 Thess, 1-3 John (2x)Mathew
Part 1: Ch 1-13
Part 2: Ch 14-28
2 Corinthians (2x)
1-2 Peter,
Jude (3x)