Peru Missions Strategy

At Fletcher, we are committed to making disciples of our neighbors and also the nations. We have partnered with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt the unreached people of Ayaviri, Peru (pronounced Aye-a-vee-dee), a village located in the Andes Mountains.  We have sent the Harris Family as long-term missionaries to Ayaviri.


We only do ministries in the village that the villagers are able to learn and reproduce themselves with locally available materials.  We use a variety of methods to reach the village including reproducible service projects like the rocket stove and farming God’s way.


Our goal is to equip the villagers to study and serve without relying on us, our money or our resources.  This will allow a church to be planted in Ayaviri that can grow and reproduce on its own.


Most people in this village are able to read, but do not read with comprehension or as a primary way of learning.  We share Bible stories with the people that they can retell.

We invite you to pray with us for the village of Ayaviri! We desire that they will see, enjoy and spread the glory of God from their village to the ends of the earth.

Ayaviri, Peru