Worship is our all-of-life faithful & obedient response to the revelation of God’s Person & work made possible by our relationship to Jesus.

Our Vision for Worship in the Gathering

Photo credit: Photography-S! via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

When we gather as a body formed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Our Goal is to create an atmosphere of expectancy where together we can authentically encounter God and respond to Him with Biblical Freedom; we do this by saturating our services with the revelation of God’s glory and work.

Our Values in Musical Worship

  • God-centered in our Orientation
  • Content Rich vs. Style Focused
  • Authenticity over Performance
  • Honoring the Diversity of the Body
  • Congregational Engagement
  • Biblical Freedom in Expression
  • People Matter
  • Undistracting Excellence
  • Introducing new music in intentional ways

To check out some of the content rich songs you will hear on Sundays listen to our Spotify playlist: